I’ve spent the past decade developing a real passion for tourism, and all the fun and challenges that travel brings. My 20’s were spent living in Scotland, earning a Tourism Management diploma and a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and travelling in 20 countries. I genuinely enjoy visiting new places and meeting people. In addition to being an exciting and relaxing break from the usual routine, I like to think tourism provides both visitors and hosts with new, rewarding experiences. I also appreciate the irony of wanting to travel the world, but be concerned with environmental sustainability. I’d like to earn a Master’s in Tourism, hopefully in New Zealand, soon. One day I’d like to open an environmentally friendly guesthouse. In addition to being Entirely World Famous in New Zealand, other dream jobs for me would be to host a travel show that focuses on sustainable tourism projects, work as a travel journalist, or work for the World Tourism Organization. In any of these capacities I’m interested in exploring the social, environmental, economic, and ethical impacts of tourism.

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