Posted by: Catherine Moores | September 23, 2013

September 20, 2013

At our initial meeting we discussed personal goals and preliminary plans to begin working towards a performance. Our first goal is to keep working on choreography used in our classes this fall and eventually use it as part of a performance. As part of the last class is used to put on a mini-performance for our peers, we can use this an an opportunity to “practice” public performance. 

With Jane’s permission, we may also attend another class to learn about some of the dynamics of participating in a performance. We may do palmas etc. and learn to support each other as we would in a performance.

A few ideas for performance spaces were suggested: Expressionz Cafe ( and the Culture Collective ( These are both good opportunities for us – going forward let’s keep an eye out for performance spaces / opportunities and as we develop our skills we can work towards participating in something like the Culture Collective or putting together our own show at Expressionz.

Cat is interested in exploring the feasibility of starting a Flamenco festival in Edmonton. Jane and Cat will meet to chat about this and then Cat will follow up and explore in detail. Advice and/or support in this area welcome.

Towards the end of classes we will decide on a date to meet in December to review where we’re at and next steps. This should be organized soon as December calendars fill up quickly.



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